My Art

I’ve dabbled a bit with painting, after Gloria Vanderbilt urged me to get back into it.  Here are a few from my angel series:

DANCE of the SAVED: each time a soul is saved, the angels dance!

FROSTY ENCOUNTER: two tiny angels remember the great sacrifice even as they witness the beauty of God's creation.

GRACE & GLORY: will the heritage of Old Glory survive as we turn farther away from God?


7 comments on “My Art

  1. I just adore the collection of greeting cards and Christmas ornament that you gave me last year!!! Ann you are very talented and creative!!!
    Adrienne, your Vermont neighbor.

  2. Ann, I have your “Frosty Encounter”–a cherished gift from a dear friend. Am happy
    and feel good having angels around.

    Peace –Alice Didier

    • Alice, that’s wonderful to hear. That painting was inspired by a visit to our House of Angels . . . a woman who was close to succombing to cancer said she heard beautiful singing (no one else heard it) and while they were praying–out loud–with my husband, two deer sauntered past them, almost close enough to be touched, without a bit of fear. Her husband, a non-believer at the time, said he believed she was hearing the angels in song.

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