About Ann

Had a great 2011! Got picked up by an exciting literary agent from Connecticut. Was hired to create three Johnny Vic treasure hunt programs for a summer camp for youngsters with Asperger’s and was hired to inject Johnny Vic into an historical play that I directed for Bridge Theater in Whitehall. (Got standing room only at our evening performance!!). Also per agent, got a new website (www.annrichduncan.com) and started this blog. Also am working at the radio station again (WVNR/WNYV)  . . . doing Saturday morning shift from 9 AM to 2 PM.


2 comments on “About Ann

  1. Hi, Ann. Was just perusing your Web site and, my goodness, you’ve led an interesting life! Sounds like a lot of experiences you can spin, use to your advantage in your writing. I am especially intrigued by the farmer’s market manager. Can’t imagine the personal interest stories you must have come across in that job. Best of luck on your newest venture in what sounds like more industrial-type work. I look forward to stopping back by your blog again!
    Kate Meadows

    • Kate, thanks for the compliments. Looks like we’ve had a lot of similar experiences. I had a regular interview session with Governor Jim Douglas when I was the host of COFFEE BREAK. Interviewed Governor Schumlin yesterday (radio station called at 5 am because the boss was sick–I’m still a fill-in there). Family, too: Like my Aunt Sadie who still chopped wood and walked two miles to the grocery store in her early 90’s. I, too worked at my hometown newspaper. Was the “girl Friday” but I had just started a new “column” writing about local historical buildings when the editor proposed. We soon left for new horizons. Oh well, I’ll be watching your work, too!

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