7 comments on “Stages of Writing

  1. Oh Ann, to have many more “active” friends!! Frienda are great, but not all want to buy. It’s really sad. You are a great writer. Your time will come!!!

  2. “Do not seek the accolades of man.” I don’t mean to sound cliche’, but you’re very good at what you do. If you get no further “public recognition” because you don’t get enough hits on your blog, it’s the public’s loss, not yours. It’s a shame that your talent is handled at the whims of “the way it’s done.” Good thing they didn’t have blogs until very recently or there’s a wealth of great literature that might never have been published. Keep at it Ann!

    • Hey Bob, thanks for the support, but I repeat: I am NOT seeking the accodades of man — I’m a writer trying to SELL my work, just like real estate agents advertise to SELL their property. After reading four or five books a week–for years—-, (I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but) I know my work is good. Thanks again!

  3. Annie, I don’t do blogs much so I can’t help you out. Just keep up the good work and it will all come together…in His time as we know. Best Wishes Cuz!!

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