10 comments on “The Crafty Kitchen: from The SEED to the Table

  1. I’ve ordered the Seed and can’t wait for it to arrive so that I can share it with my friends! In addition the Johnny Vic series will be a gift to my great nephews as I know they will enjoy them! Keep the recipes coming – and great tips as well! I can’t wait to try the meatloaf – I’ve never been able to make it come out well but I’ll try again!!

  2. Ann – I love the website and your blog! I’m so grateful to find some children’s books that tell the true story of our history and not the politically corrected versions. The Seed is a fascinating and timely subject what with world wide food shortages and legislation that seeks to control food production and distribution. I can’t wait to read it and have ordered it as well as the Johnny Vic series. I have numerous friends who will be interested as well. Keep up the great work! Rachel

  3. Such descriptive writing! I can’t wait to read it! and keep those recipes tips coming, I can use all the help I can get! I’ve heard so much about your work I look forward to more!

  4. My 13 year old son LOVES the Johnny Vic books! He reads at a 10th grade level and still enjoyed the Johnny Vic books! (Hey I read the first one after he finished and I enjoyed it immensely! ) Thank you Ann for books that entertain and teach at the same time. We cannot wait for your next INCREDIBLE adventure. Home schooling moms should check out this series! Any Mom should check out these books. Your kids will LOVE THEM!!!!

  5. Wow! The seed’s a must read for anyone, student or teacher alike… of course there’s always those of us that just like to eat God’s food. . . Johnny Vic’s a fun charecter with alot of history and entertainment value. I’m a fan who will nver outgrow children’s literature because it’s the best literature! You go, Ann! Jane

  6. Ann,
    Wow, You already have the credentials as a talented writer of kids’ books that both young readers and educators love. Now with the Seed (loved the sneak peek!) I have a feeling this is the breakout book that will put your young hero on a much bigger map, so to speak. Congrats. Oh, I love the “voice” of your blog, fyi, and the recipes. Something for everyone. I plan to spread the word. Joni B. Cole

  7. Ann,
    “The Seed” is a terrific story, as are all of your Johnny Vic adventure books
    Total entertainment. I am proud to say that I own all of the Ann Duncan books. Look forward to rereading them.
    You are so very talented.

    • Ann,
      So far, Jerry and I have read two books of the “Johnny Vic” continuing series and another book of yours titled “The Seed”. We found your books hold a “hard to put down” allure. We can see how our Grandchildren love the “Johnny Vic Adventure Series. We will certainly be waiting for your next publications to come on the scene.
      Our Daughter-In-Law is a forth grade teacher and she has introduced her class to the experience of meeting the adventurous Johnny Vic thru your captivating time travel writings of early historical events in NY, Vt. and Mass. She indicated that they had a fun learning experience and retained the historical value. Job well done! Janet & Jerry Stockman

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